WordPress installed on localhost on my windows 10 computer makes the development and testing very easy and fast as it reduces the loading time over the internet and also saves the production website to break during upgrades or testing of new themes/plugins.

WAMP server provides provides an Apache-MySQL-PHP environment on windows (either 64/32-bit).

In this lesson we will start with installing WordPress on a localhost software called WAMP which itself is very popular among developer community who are using  windows computers for web development projects.

WAMP stands for Windows, Apache, MySql & PHP.

Lets download WAMP server from the official website using this link: http://www.wampserver.com/en/

WAMP server official site link to download

Depending upon your Operating system architecture you can download either 64bit or 32bit version.

Once you have downloaded the setup on your computer, install the WAMP server on your windows machine. I personally prefer to start setup using administrator rights.

install WAMP server on windows 10

During the WAMP server installation on your windows machine you will be instructed to install various VC++ distribution libraries for WAMP prior to WAMP server installation, as shown in image below

You can download each and every library separately from the installation screen itself or you can download all VC++ libraries for WAMP by clicking the link.

After installing all the VC++ distribution libraries or you laready have such libraries installed on your windows PC than you can check and verify with this tool Checks VC++ packages installed.

Resume the WAMP server installation and you will reach to options to select and install various versions of PHP & MySQL which is new to me (as I use laragon over WAMP server as my localhost now) and I guess it is only available from latest version of WAMP server ie. WAMP server version 3.2.0.

Also I prefer to use MariaDB as my database over MySQL (we will discuss MariaDB vs MySQl later)

Once the installation is finished, lets start the WAMP server from desktop icon. It will take some time and once WAMP server starts completely with all services running you can see the icon on the bottom right corner of your windows desktop scree as shown in image below

WAMP server started with green icon

Now our WAMP server is running lets browse for http://localhost on your browser and you must see a screen like the this

localhost page of WAMP server

So now our localhost is working let click on phpmyadmin from localhost window in our browser (bottom left of screen) and lets create a database for our WordPress installation.

create database in phpymyadmin for WordPress on WAMP server

  1. Click on Databases tab
  2. Input your database name (I used “wamp-demo” as my database name)
  3. Select database collation to UTF8MB4_general_ci
  4. Click create

Now we have our database ready, Now go to https://wordpress.org/ and click Get WordPress button which will lead you to another page where you will see a large button with WordPress version information to finally download the WordPress archive.

Once your download is finished, lets extract the downloaded files into C:\wamp64\www directory

extract WordPress archive into WAMP server's www directory

You can then rename the extracted WordPress folder with your websites name

I have renamed the extracted WordPress folder to “demo-wamp” Now we have our WordPress setup files in place lets browse for http://localhost/demo-wamp or whatever you have named your website, We will see the WordPress installation screen.

I selected English as my website language, you may select your default website language as per your requirement.

On the next screen, We need to make the database connection of our WordPress website with the database we have create using phpmyadmin

As you can see I use the same database name on this database connection page of WordPress installation.

Database Name: wamp-demo

Username : root (WAMP phpmyadmin default username)

Password: blank (no password is default )

Database Host: localhost

Table Prefix: wp_ (which you can alter or rename )

Hit Submit and if all the information is correct and database connection is successful than on the next page you will see the “Run the installation” button.

Once the WordPress setup is complete with required tables creation in database, On the next page you will be required to supply the information about your website like the image below

WordPress wesbite information screen

Input required details & I strongly recommend to replace your weak password with a strong password once you are ready to migrate the WordPress website from WAMP server / localhost to a web server.

Click Install WordPress and here we go our WordPress website is now live on our WAMp server/localhost

WordPress on WAMP server

You can login in to the administration area of WordPress using http://localhost/demo-wamp/wp-admin  (replace “demo-wamp” with your website name)

Next we will see some more localhost options to compare what are better ways to make our WordPress development process more efficient and faster, So stay connected and you can also subscribe to my channel TheWebGuru – YouTube Channel

Thank you, All your comments and queries are most welcome.